Hello, Welcome everyone to my first Shazazz Jewellery Blog post.

During Spring & Summer this year, I had the opportunity to showcase my Unique Costume Jewellery at a variety of local craft shows, fetes & events around Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire. Luckily the weather was kind to us this year.  During one event, Anne Diamond came over to chat, what a lovely lady she is & I even had my photo taken with her. She loves my unique jewellery & purchased six stunning necklaces for her TV appearances. So, do look out for Anne wearing her unique Shazazz Jewellery pieces on the Jeremy Vine Show soon!

Are you, or do you know someone planning or arranging a Hen Party?

If so, Shazazz Jewellery has a range of Fun Hen Party Necklaces? As they are only £5 each, why not treat your guests? They will have a special necklace to wear at your Hen Party & a memento to keep afterwards. The dainty silver tone heart shaped pendants feature a small diamante stone at the front, & come in these choices:  Bride, Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom & general ‘Hen Party’. These pendants are on lovely white cord & organza ribbons. Also, the silver tone clasp is adjustable, so your guests can adjust the necklace to fit their preferred size.


Whilst in Antigua this May, I took the opportunity to visit the local bead vendors, along the coast. They have access to variety of exquisite beads & stones, in such beautiful colours, I was blown away by the choices. So I took the opportunity & stocked up on some gorgeous blue turquoise stones &  designed this stunning Turquoise & Navy Necklace: https://shazazzjewellery.co.uk/jewellery-store/bead-necklaces/turquoise-navy-bead-necklace/

I also purchased a collections of stunning abalone coloured beads in various beautiful bright colours. I designed this Green Leaf Necklace with Green Abalone Beads & a stunning Leaf Pendant: https://shazazzjewellery.co.uk/jewellery-store/pendant-necklaces/green-leaf-necklace/

Why not treat yourself a new piece of jewellery for your Holidays?

Maybe you are going on a cruise – if so, how about this amazing Blue Heart Necklace:

https://shazazzjewellery.co.uk/jewellery-store/pendant-necklaces/blue-heart-necklace/– you will certainly make an entrance wearing this stunning piece !

Maybe festival events are more your scene – take a look at this Hippy / Boho Necklace & Earring Set: https://shazazzjewellery.co.uk/jewellery-store/necklace-earring-set/boho-necklace-earring-set/

Or maybe a retro inspired Brown Velvet choker:


Shazazz Jewellery has an array of amazing unique pieces of Costume Jewellery. Whatever your jewellery style is – Shazazz Jewellery has some amazing pieces to offer you. Do remember that I only design one of each piece, so once its gone that it – don’t miss out !!

Do let me know if you are looking for anything special or unusual  – I may be able to make you something.


Oh I nearly forgot – I offer FREE UK POSTAGE !     International postage is at a charge.

Have the rest of a fab Summer everyone

Best wishes

Shazazz Designer